Managed Document Services (MDS)

Managed Document Services or MDS is an advanced and holistic approach to optimize document output in the most accurate way possible.

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Managed document services (MDS) are services provided by external parties to optimize and manage an organization’s document infrastructure and workflow for both printed and electronic documents. It helps you combine the right talent with the right processes and the right technology, enabling you to offer better services and add value to business. Managed document services carries the broader meaning of referring to both print and electronic documents. With managed document services (MDS), you can gain visibility and control of the entire document and print environment for your business.

The process helps optimize the entire document output of a business. Processes like capturing and archiving are included in MDS and this ensures a secured workflow and reduced environmental impact. Managed Document Services or MDS is an advance and holistic approach to optimize a business in the most accurate way possible.

By taking advantage of the many benefits of managed document services, your company will be in the position to reduce costs, increase information security, free up time and eliminate the hassle of chasing information.

If a business needs to stay ahead of its competitors, it has to reach its target customers before anyone else, and to ensure that, it’s important to keep the key information related to business intelligence and strategic planning ready at hand. That is exactly where a robust MDS solution helps out best. Analysing the business data using a MDS empowers you to do the following:

Respond faster for better customer satisfaction, Get more value out of information, Get the best return on your investment.

Offering a unique combination of long experience and unrivalled expertise, Essjay is a leading supplier of print and document solutions to the public and private sector. Working with our MDS know as SCANNPLUS will bring your company superb benefits. Our ability to deliver reliable, cost-saving, technology-led solutions, fully tailored to the needs of the user, have earned us a global reputation for maximising productivity and sustainability while significantly reducing cost.


Our MDS solution has been designed and developed keeping these factors in mind. It encompasses the three major elements of document management that are fundamental to business growth

  • Capture – is related to the creation of information
  • Transform – is about how the information shifts around a business
  • Manage – is about processing information in such a way so that business value can be added
Cost saving
Compliance security
Smooth workflow and streamlined processes
Reduced environmental impact
Increased employee motivation
Hassle free process
Improved customer satisfaction
Reduced environmental impact

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