Support Service

Support Service

Copier Service Support, Printer Service support

Canon copier service, canon copier maintenance, canon printer service

Customer Care: delivering a positive customer care experience is a core value. We have years of experience providing customer service that can improve your productivity, efficiency and customer retention.

Customer Satisfaction: is our motto. Knowledgeable and experienced professional’s team is ready to provide the best and quick service support to our customers, our growth is because of repeated orders from our existing clients which are rewards for us.

Essjay takes great pride in our products and we strive to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Do you have a question about a product you recently purchased? Or have any query, you can ask our SERVICE TEAM any time you need.

Total Guaranty: is one of the unique service supports after purchasing copier, printer equipment which covers all the service & consumable support including photocopier toner, photocopier service, Canon copier machine maintenance etc. this service ensure that customer gets 5 years complete guarantee. The entire canon copier maintenance guarantee is our responsibility.

Our service safeguards: you from incurring unexpected expenditure in the event that your product suffers a breakdown. It assures you of complete peace of mind in such situations. Our trained Engineers are well equipped to restore your product back to its normal working condition with the use of genuine spare parts. We have a Rapid Action Force of highly trained and qualified service engineers placed all over the different locations. They are easily & quickly available to help you.

Back-up for your Machine: Unique Service of providing you with a standby unit of the machine to facilitate your on going business transactions, incurring no loss of time and business.

Our goal: is to answer any questions you may have about our products and services. Whether you are looking for photocopier service, printer repairing, Production Printer maintenance, or need technical assistance, just ask us about your query.

Annual maintenance contract:  General Copier AMC which covers photocopier service and copier machine maintenance. Comprehensive annual maintenance which covers all copier machines spare parts, photocopier service, photocopier machine repairing, canon copier maintenance.