Document Shredding Services

Every organization must look out for the financial documents and project reports and destroy them after a certain period. With the shredding task comes the worry of disposing of the documents securely. Well, Essjay has the answers for all your worries. Essjay is well-known for their effective Shredding Services in India. The professional team and advanced equipment have made Shredders capable of performing any shredding task effectively. And the bigger benefit is the shredded papers are recycled. That surely makes your organization Go Green.

We provides On-site & off-site Shredding Services in Mumbai-India. The documents and reports are shredded in presence of client, so it ensures the security and confidentiality of the whole process. With their effective shredding services and customer satisfaction.

Every establishment generates confidential records (Old financial documents, Projects related, Customer related or Personal). These records need to be preserved for stipulated period. Thereafter they are permitted to dispose them off. Problem is how to dispose off.

We provide door to door Shredding Service. This assures you 100% confidentiality. The carrying cost of unwanted documents is a huge loss as it occupies space which is expensive day by day, it also carries cost to protect them from going Into wrong hands. If your business maintains customer information or internal documents, you need to protect that sensitive information.

Identity Theft :

Throwing confidential, sensitive documents in the trash puts you at risk for identity theft. Protect yourself and your business from identity theft through Essjay’s secure paper shredding procedure.

Identity Theft

On-Site (Mobile) Shredding Services

Secure Onsite Shredding is an ideal solution for organizations that require the immediate or witnessed destruction of PHI, PII, or any other confidential information directly on premises. This cost-effective service is secure, convenient and environmentally-friendly.

Mobile shredding services allow you to watch as the shredding is performed for the utmost security. A shred truck equipped with an industrial-strength shredder drives to your location, and a shredding professional loads the documents into the shredder while you watch. This shredding service is the most convenient and secure option, because you get to watch to ensure there are no stray files left unshredded.

Why Choose Mobile Shredding Services?

  • Security: You get to watch the shredding
  • Convenience: The shredder comes to you
  • Compliance: Meet all federal and state privacy laws

Off-Site Shredding Services

Offsite Secure Shredding is an ideal solution for organizations that need ongoing, verified destruction of sensitive paper documents. This cost-effective shredding service is secure, convenient and environmentally-friendly

If you have a large volume of material to shred or accumulate paper that requires shredding at a high rate, off site shredding is the solution for you. Our local shredding partners send trucks to your location to collect your documents in locked bins, to be transported and shredded at a nearby facility.

Off site shredding services are designed to handle large volume shredding projects for your home or business securely, and affordably. If you have over 300 lbs. of documents to shred (roughly 11 boxes), off site document shredding is your clear choice. Whether you need a single purge of documents or an ongoing, scheduled service, our local shredding providers will make sure to keep your information protected.