Managed Print Services
Hardware, Software and Supplies

Hardware, Software and Supplies

Our MPS allows you to combine your hardware, software, and services into single easy to manage solutions. Access to technology, optimise your IT budgets, and simplify your bill. Our program helps you to move away from large capital investment, instead you can enjoy technology, training, services and maintenance through a low cost.

Our managed print services are designed to help businesses keep costs down while maintaining business continuity. It also helps companies avoid unexpected print expenses that often come with a fleet of printers and can potentially obliterate budgets and derail operations.

When you partner with Essjay, our managed print specialists will work closely with you to optimize your office printing environment, improve total cost of ownership, streamline workflows, optimize fleet deployments, and pursue measurable cost-saving opportunities.

Benefits of Managed Print Service

Cost Reduction

Our managed print program can save businesses from 10-40% in print related costs


Vendor Consolidation

With one source for hardware, software, service and print related consumables


Automated Cost Visibility

With detailed reporting on print volumes and related expenses by device and by user


Less Invoices

Organizations enjoy one invoice with an organized summary of all their office printing expenses


Expense Control & Containment

With improved visibility and user restriction capabilities


Less Strain on IT

Now IT professionals can focus on mission critical activities without print related distractions


Auto Supplies Fulfillment

No more reactive supplies ordering with advance notice and management of on-site inventory by make, model and location


Proactive On-Site Service

Advance notification of hardware issues reduces downtime and internal resources required to respond to print problems


Proactive On-Site Service

Advance notification of hardware issues reduces downtime and internal resources required to respond to print problems

Reduce costs, Gain control and free up time

Reduce costs, Gain control and free up time to concentrate on your business

Take advantage of the opportunity in our Managed Print Services to reduce and predict print costs accurately. We turn print into a service for the ultimate peace of mind, as we provide warranties that include on-site service and manage the supplies too - when they run low, replacements are delivered automatically.

Our managed print services focus on service excellence throughout the customer experience: from our expert engineers who provide outstanding onsite service to our customer service teams who deliver rapid, high-quality support. We’ve also invested in cutting-edge technology to help drive continuous service improvement.

We’ll manage, maintain and optimize your print capability while you focus on the business also you can reduce cost by 30% using our managed print services (MPS).

Printer and Technology

Printer and Technology:

Our technical experts will evaluate your current and future needs to select the best and advanced devices for an effective print, copy and scan capability requires matching your business requirements of your print volumes and patterns, scan and process digital documents, and we’ll look at integrations with systems and processes and craft a managed print service that fits your needs and budget.

Toner tracking and automatic supply:

Our managed print services make sure your MFDs are running and ready to print when you need them most. We can remotely monitor toner levels in your machines and automatically ship replacements before problems arise. This means you will no longer need to remember to re- order consumables in time or hold high levels of expensive stock.

Toner tracking and automatic supply
Proactive Fleet Management

Proactive Fleet Management:

With an automated managed print service for effectively administering your multifunctional devices you can make sure your printers remain fully operational and your teams remain productive. To reduce repair times and ensure you continue to receive outstanding service with innovative fleet management solution. We ensure maximize your device uptime and proactively manage your supplies and servicing.

Think security-first:

We’ve developed deep expertise in providing secure managed print services. We can work with you to implement sophisticated user authentication, ‘follow-you’ printing, document encryption, watermarks and a host of other effective security measures. We think security-first in every system we deliver, helping protect our valued customers.

Think security-first

Monitoring and controlling:

Although most enterprises have optimized workflows and reduced document output, printing and laser printing costs continue to surge. This makes it vital for companies to take control of their printing processes and better manage their fleet with an all-encompassing intelligent printing strategy. Our system in place to monitor how much you are printing in black and white and expensive color prints and who all are printing. The system will help you to allocate the quantity and types to induvial users.

Print Management Software

Take Control of your Printing with Powerful Print Management Software

Your MFDs are just one part of an optimized print capability. If you’re not exploiting the power of print management software, you’re missing out on opportunities to maximize effectiveness and get more from your investment.

With our software, you can get proactive and optimize your print costs, processes and policies. that will enable you to control costs, define workflows, enforce policy, manage consumables and much more. We’ll help you take the efficiency and effectiveness of your print infrastructure to the next level.

Choose the service that’s right for you, whether you want a fixed, all-inclusive monthly fee, a cost per page for office equipment or a cost per meter for large format printers. With our MPS we put the control back in the hands of businesses, providing full budget management and simplifying accounting.

Our Managed Print Service Process



We’ll work closely with you and your team to create the perfect managed print service for your business. - ensuring you have the right devices, solutions and ongoing professional support.



Our professional project and service delivery managers ensure everything is implemented smoothly and on schedule, with minimal interruptions to your operations.



We’ll help you ensure your printing stays efficient, sustainable, cost-effective and hassle-free.