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A projector can be thought of as a version of movie projectors that movie/theatres use to show you your favorite movie in the hall.

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home Projectors

Home Projector

A True Cinematic Experience: Delivering images in 2160p true 4K Ultra HD and featuring THX-certified DCI-P3 HDR, the BenQ CinePro series is the ultimate choice for those who desire a luxurious film festival experience right in the comfort of your own home theater. Perfect for Family Movie Night: BenQ’s CineHome series designed to create an immersive true 4k visual feast even in a small room, the CineHome series makes family movie night something to be anticipated all week long.

best 4k Projectors

4K Home Projector

CinematicColor™ for Colors as Directors Envisioned Only True Color Conveys Deep Feelings Experience the Authentic Cinema Experience with CinematicColor™ technology, covering super wide REC709/DCI-P3 color space, coupled with the ultra fine 4K UHD Resolution & the latest projector optimized HDR technology, delivering every ounce of Emotion & Excitement that filmmakers intended.

business Projectors sales rental

Business Projector

BenQ business projectors allow presenters to confidently focus on meetings, featuring comprehensive image adjustment controls and versatile lens capabilities for ideally aligned pictures in any environment. Equipped with smart business design and functionality, BenQ projectors offer effortless large display capability for smooth meeting productivity without hassles. Designed for enhancing work productivity, BenQ Business Projectors allow presenters to confidently focus on meetings, provide outstanding presentation, and offer easy maintenance.

exhibition Projectors

Exhibition & Simulation Projector

Designed for Pro Installation at Auditoriums, Show Rooms, and Large Conference Rooms. Accurate Color Projection with Flexible Installation BenQ’s professional installation projectors are designed to deliver ultra-high image quality in corporate meeting rooms or exhibition spaces of all sizes. The high installation flexibility, centralized management and scalable wireless presentation solutions make these projectors ideal for professional presentation and stunning art exhibitions.

classroom Projectors

Interactive Classroom Projector

Interactive Classroom Projectors Enhanced Learning with Smart Interactivity for Tomorrow's Classrooms

Futureproof BenQ Interactive Classroom Projectors empower collaborative learning with pen or touch annotation and short / ultra-short throw projection based on brilliant laser or lamp light sources.

Projecting images onto any flat surface, the PointWrite™ module allows multiple students to share, write, and annotate directly onto a desk or table at the same time. Eliminating the need for expensive digital whiteboards or additional equipment, PointWrite™ creates vast new opportunities for interactivity in the modern digital classroom.

Portable Projectors

Portable Projector

With well-designed outer casing, hassle-free wireless streaming, and brilliant long-life LED light source, BenQ Personal Projectors bring incredible projection freedom for you.

Portable Projector with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker | GV1: Hassle free wireless set-up with auto keystone and 5 degree tilt for a big, squared picture, quickly and with ease.

LED Portable Projector for outdoor family | GS1: Cable-free outdoor family entertainment with built-in USB reader

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